Green Chorizo Tacos with Kale and Potatoes

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
8.5 / 10 8 / 10


I was looking for something to do with a ham I had from our Meat CSA so decided to make green chorizo, which I had never heard of until watching the finals of Top Chef. It’s a Mexican version of this delicious sausage which made its name in Spain. As opposed to getting red flavor and color from paprika and cayenne, here we get green flavor and color from poblanos, serranos, and parsley. It is super tasty with great heat and it’s pretty easy to make. The fact that it’s from Alex Stupak of Empellon only made it a safer bet to try.

This is great in tacos, but it would also be really good with eggs.

Dish Green Chorizo Tacos with Kale & Potatoes
Recipe Source Green chorizo from Alex Stupak. Tacos from Food & Wine
Difficulty 4 / 10
Time to Complete ~1.5 hours
Sides Served
Leftovers? Yes, but make double because this is so good and easy to increase size
Lessons Learned Green chorizo is super tasty – hard to believe it’s not found more often around the States compared to its Spanish counterpart
Any Recipe Deviations? Nope
Make Again? Definitely
Changes Next Time? Already have made twice and recipe is phenomenal. If you wanted to, you could add 1-2 more serrano chiles to increase heat, but you can also do that easily with fixins
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