Arroz Negro with Squid and Saffron Aioli

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
8.5 / 10 7 / 10

IMG_2125Emily cannot see squid ink pasta or risotto on a menu without ordering it, so I decided to give this a shot. It was pretty delicious, with great depth of flavor (par for the course for a Suzanne Goin recipe). Cooking squid is super easy, as it turns out – my intimidation prior to making it was for naught.

Dish Arroz Negro with Squid and Saffron Aioli
Recipe Source  A.O.C.
Difficulty 7 / 10
Time to Complete 3-4 hours
Sides Served
Leftovers? Yes – leftovers still taste good for about 2 days
Lessons Learned Making homemade mayo / aioli is super hard. Cooking squid is very easy.
Any Recipe Deviations? Just used Hellman’s mayo after not being able to make the aioli
Make Again? Yes, I think so. Em really liked it. But may want to try it with spaghetti instead of risotto
Changes Next Time?
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