Challah Loaf & Challah Rolls

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
8.5 / 10 8 / 10


Em and I both love challah and I had never made it before so we gave this a shot. The loaf was so good, I tried turning it into rolls to test for Thanksgiving. The rolls are definitely less good (because the loaf ends up with softer, doughier pieces in the middle), but the rolls are still really good. Try cooking for like 20 minutes at Thanksgiving.

Dish Challah
Recipe Source Melissa Clark Blog
Difficulty 6 / 10
Time to Complete ~3 hours
Sides Served
Leftovers? The loaf stayed good for about 5 days; the rolls were good for about 2 days after baking
Lessons Learned If you’re going to make rolls, make them slightly smaller (I did 16 ropes-next time I’d do 24) and cook them for less time to make them doughier
Any Recipe Deviations?
Make Again? Definitely
Changes Next Time? Use good oranges and make rolls smaller and cook for less time
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