Momofuku Pork Buns

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
/ 10 6.5 / 10

photo 2
I’ve been wanting to make these – possibly the best dish in NYC – for a long time. Finally gave it a shot, but I had to use previously frozen pork belly and challah buns. The flavor was pretty fantastic, but I didn’t execute super well. I missed the step that you’re supposed to wash off the sugar and salt off the pork before you cook it, so mine was much more charred than normal. Emily liked the char, but it was too much, in my opinion.

Dish Pork Buns
Recipe Source David Chang’s recipe
Difficulty 3 / 10
Time to Complete  ~12 hours
Sides Served Creamed Corn
Leftovers? Yes – makes a lot
Lessons Learned The quality of the pork belly is really important here. So is the bun
Any Recipe Deviations? Didn’t have time to make the buns myself, so I just used challah buns, which is a good substitute since it also has some sweetness. However, not the same
Make Again? Worth one more shot
Changes Next Time? Use better pork belly and real buns
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