Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
7 / 10 7 / 10

Milk Bar Birthday Cake
My parents came into town for Easter and I had been wanting to try to make the cake that was such a big hit at our wedding, so figured I’d give it a shot. It was actually a little easier than the earlier Carrot Cake from Milk Bar, and overall it was pretty delicious. I would just say that it is probably not so good that it is worth the time necessary to make it.

Dish Birthday Cake
Recipe Source Milk Bar Cookbook
Difficulty 7 / 10
Time to Complete ~5 hours
Sides Served
Lessons Learned Next time, definitely use the liquid cheesecake as a binder – think that adds a lot of flavor
Any Recipe Deviations?
Make Again? Probably would try it one more time, but the return on effort compared to other cakes just wasn’t there
Changes Next Time?
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