Wood Roasted Trout w Chive Vinaigrette

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
7 / 10 7 / 10

We made this pre-food journal and really liked it, so thought we’d give it another chance. This was less good than other times, I think mostly because we bought the fish at a cheaper place. Nonetheless, it is really easy and pretty solid.

Dish Wood Roasted Trout with Chevril/Chive Vinaigrette
Recipe Source The NY Restaurant Cookbook – Recipe from Waldy Malouf from the Beacon (where we never ate)
Difficulty 3 / 10
Time to Complete ~1 hour
Sides Served Mesa Grill Spinach
Leftovers? Nope
Lessons Learned Quality of the fish is very important
Any Recipe Deviations? I used rainbow trout instead of skinned trout. I also used chives instead of chevril. Lastly, they did not bone the trout for me – rookie mistake
Make Again? Yes – Em really liked it
Changes Next Time? Get boned trout – get fresher fish
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