Tilapia Tacos w Arugula Mango Salsa & Wasabi Creme Fraiche

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
8 / 10 7.5 / 10


Fish tacos are a really easy, fairly cheap weeknight meal that are almost always delicious. Em and I both liked these better than the original version we tried, though they are similar.

Dish Fish Tacos
Recipe Source Weeknights with Giada
Difficulty 2 / 10
Time to Complete ~40 minutes
Sides Served Simple arugula sald
Leftovers? Leftover salsa, but not fish. Easy recipe to have fit your size, and I don’t like eating leftover fish
Lessons Learned
Any Recipe Deviations? Cut the amount of wasabi powder in half – it was too overpowering. I also added a shallot to the salsa (normal mango salsa has a red onion, but Emily thinks that can overpower it too much)
Make Again? Yep, definitely
Changes Next Time? Use less wasabi powder
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