Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
5 / 10 5 / 10


I’m really intrigued by Jerusalem Artichokes, and while they are not in season, Mariano’s (my new favorite grocery store) had them so I had to buy them. Using a new Christmas present cookbook, I made this dish to go with fish tacos, even though that makes no sense. While these had delicious texture and tasted great out of the oven, I blew it by adding way too much lemon. Worth making again, but will take it easy on the lemon…

Dish Roasted Artichokes
Recipe Source Mario Batali
Difficulty 2 / 10
Time to Complete ~45 minutes
Sides Served
Lessons Learned  Our lemon zester is either way better than anybody else’s or I am just a little too over-zealous when it comes to the actual zesting. Either way, I need to take it easy when recipes call for zesting
Any Recipe Deviations?  Nope
Make Again? Yes, but would probably not add any lemon. They would be delicious on their own
Changes Next Time?  No lemon
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