Pan-Roasted Halibut

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
7 / 10 7 / 10

After going through my mom’s copy of Ad Hoc at Home and stealing a bunch of recipes, Em got me my own copy for Christmas. While there are a million recipes in here I want to make, we went with the halibut because it was fairly simple and I did not have a ton of time. This turned out delicious, especially with the mushrooms, but it was really over-cooked. It could be much better if cooked properly.

Dish Pan-Roasted Halibut
Recipe Source Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home
Difficulty 3 / 10 – Really quick and easy
Time to Complete  ~20 minutes
Sides Served Oyster Mushrooms with Pea Shoots
Leftovers? Nope – don’t want fish leftovers
Lessons Learned I am always scared of undercooking fish which tends to result in overcooked fish. Quit being afraid
Any Recipe Deviations? Nope
Make Again? Yep
Changes Next Time? Cook for less time. Also try to get halibut filets where the thickness is the same for each piece to ensure consistent cooking
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