Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
/ 10 4.5 / 10

This was good, and perhaps the low rating has more to do with the fact that Cook’s Illustrated recipes are usually so amazing – I would happily eat this again, but it is just not super memorable and there are a lot of other just-as-easy recipes I would try instead of making this…
photo (2)

Dish Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta
Recipe Source Cook’s Illustrated
Difficulty 4 / 10
Time to Complete  ~1.5 hours
Sides Served
Leftovers? Yep, makes lots
Lessons Learned Buy butternut squashes that weigh less than 2.5 pounds. The smaller the squash, the more flavorful it will be
Any Recipe Deviations? Nope
Make Again? Eh – probably not. This was good, and it was better as leftovers, but there’s lots of delicious pasta recipes out there
Changes Next Time?
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