Gnudi with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

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8 / 10 8.5 / 10

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There are many, many things we miss about NYC, not least of which are the vastly superior restaurants. Perhaps the restaurant I miss most is The Spotted Pig. The combination of gnudi, cheeseburger, and pork slap is just one that cannot be easily topped.

In love with April’s gnudi, we attempted to make this last year for the Lund Family Christmas Extravaganza. As it turned out, I was missing a very important element – April Bloomfield’s recipe. Using some bootleg internet version, we just did not get good results.

So now that I have my favorite cookbook, I decided to give these a shot. Turns out, they are not super hard to make, though they do take 4 days. They were super delicious and could only be better if we use higher-quality cheese in the future. Definitely a keeper.

Dish Spotted Pig’s Gnudi
Recipe Source April Bloomfield’s “A Girl & Her Pig”
Difficulty 7 / 10
Time to Complete 4 Days
Sides Served Served this as an appetizer. It could be an entree, but it’s essentially cooked cheese, so I’d think you would want to pair with a salad and perhaps a veggie
Leftovers? Nope! But we cut the recipe in half
Lessons Learned The April Bloomfield version of this recipe is unsurprisingly better than the fake Spotted Pig recipes floating around the internet
Any Recipe Deviations? We couldn’t find Sheep’s Milk Ricotta, so we just went with a creamy cow’s ricotta. It was also nice that it turned out to be pretty cheap
Make Again? Definitely
Changes Next Time? Try to get Sheep’s Milk Ricotta
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