Broiled Chicken Thighs and Asparagus with Lime and Jalapeno

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
7 / 10 7.5 / 10

Jalapeno Lime Chicken

Another Cook’s Illustrated chicken recipe. I thought this was pretty good. It was a pretty interesting way to cook the chicken (under the broiler, but far away from the broiler for all but one minute), which turned out very moist and tasty. We also did not have a broiler pan, but using a cooling rack and a cookie sheet worked totally fine.

The asparagus is part of the dish – I really liked it, Em a little less so. I think if we were making it again, I would still make the asparagus as all the work is done to make the chicken.

Dish Broiled chicken thighs and asparagus with lime and jalapeño
Recipe Source Cook’s Illustrated
Difficulty 6 / 10 – some chopping and takes a few steps
Time to Complete  ~1.5 hours
Sides Served The asparagus that comes with the recipe. I really liked the asparagus. Thought it was well-cooked and good flavor. Em likes other asparagus (asparagi?) recipes better. However, we also served this with basmati rice which was pretty delicious tonight. Em loved the asparagus and the rice together.
Leftovers? Serves 4 comfortably
Lessons Learned Basmati rice with chicken broth is vastly superior to the rice with water and/or vegetable broth
Any Recipe Deviations? Used a cooling rack and cookie sheet instead of a broiler. Worked totally fine
Make Again? Yea, probably. But given how many other chicken recipes there are out there, it’s probably lower on the list (compared to the amazing Lemon Rosemary Cook’s Illustrated chicken, at least)
Changes Next Time? You can make the sauce after you already put the chicken in the over to save time
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