Chicken Tikka Masala

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating
8 / 10 9 / 10

Update from 11/16/14: Made this again but used the seeds from half of the serrano, and used chile de arbol powder instead of cayenne pepper. This was incredible. Probably a 9/10.

Cook's Illustrated - Chicken Tika Masala

I’ve been wanting to try out homemade Indian food for awhile. Em and I both like Indian food a lot, but we never go to Indian restaurants. I really don’t know why we never made more of an effort to do so in NYC. I’ve heard there is good Indian in Chicago, as well, but I get the sense that we will need to wait on those until we have a car. So in the meantime, that means I need to learn to make Indian food here.

Naturally, I started my quest for Indian at Cook’s Illustrated. They have a number of pretty great looking Indian recipes, and even better, this quest meant that I got to take a trip to The Spice House – my favorite place in Chicago.  $40 in spices later – I was ready to go.

Dish Chicken Tika Masala
Recipe Source Cook’s Illustrated
Difficulty Eh – I’d say about 7/10
Time to Complete About 2 hours
Sides Served Basmati Rice. Bought spinach, but didn’t make it because the Tika was taking so much time
Leftovers? Tons. This calls for 2lbs of chicken, but I used 3, because that is what Dominick’s sold. Just did every ingredient x 1.5, and it worked out great. Easily serves 6-8 people at these levels
Any Recipe Deviations? I did not have cilantro, so did not use it at the end. I’m sure it would be better with it, but not a big deal
Make Again? Definitely
Changes Next Time? None for the recipe. Serve with Naan next time.

Plenty for leftovers

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